Youtube logo showing HTML5 logo

Youtube gets rid of flash, HTML5 takes over.

Youtube has now changed its infrastructure to have their videos load HTML5 by default now on their videos, instead of Adobe Flash. It has been long said that the flash player has been a dying software for awhile now, with it losing its Android support last year. Flash player has always been known to have issues with mobile devices, and with the primary use of major websites such as Youtube being on mobile devices, it only makes sense to use the best solution for these devices. HTML5 is said to have the ability to offer higher video quality for uploaded content, and reduces bandwidth by a whopping 35%. Load times for videos also dramatically decrease, 50% less globally and up to 80% on heavily trafficked networks.

This now means I don’t have to deal with the annoying “Flash-Out-Of-Date” messages that seem to appear every week, when trying to view a video on Youtube. Those alone were annoying enough to just hate flash by itself, despite the rest of the cons that came with the software.

HTML5 is the default video player for most major browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Richard Leider, an employee of Youtube, has stated that Smart TVs are also taking advantage of the HTML5 upgrade, and are ditching the flash platform as well, so this is not only for mobile or desktop devices, it will be for all.

Is this a smart move by Youtube? Or do you believe that it’s a mistake ditching Flash? Let us know below!