Tinder, just acquired their first company this week called Tappy. 

Tappy is an app with a similar interface to Tinder Moments in the way that a conversation starts with a picture message, followed by text or additional photos. Sean Rad was a big fan of the company and its founders Brian Norgard and Dan Gould, and wanted them as well as their employees on Tinder’s side to get some inspiration back into Tinder.

In a recent interview Sean stated:

“We’re very good at connecting people, but there’s this ‘what happens after that?’ moment that we want to improve,” said Rad. “We not only want to get better at the way we use criteria to connect people, but we want to broaden the reasons for connecting in the first place. The Tappy team will help us tackle both fronts, the pre-match experience of creating that first connection and the post-match experience of communicating with that person.”


Tappy’s service will shutdown as a result from the deal, and the app will be pulled from the app store in the following weeks, which I’m sure will disappoint their base of 10,000+ users.

So it looks like Tinder will be the one benefiting from this acquisition, and I’m curious on what the Tappy team will contribute to Tinder as we see updates coming in the next months.