It’s called SONICable, and its about to change the way your charge your smartphone, whether it’s and iPhone or Android device.

The inventors of this “special” cable is a company called Bluetech Industries, and they started this as a campaign on IndieGoGo, a website similar to KickStarter, where users donate money to fund projects and ideas they’re interested in.



When the user switches it OFF: Its like a normal USB cable, Charge and Sync.

When the user switches it ON: All of the power is concentrated on charging. and sync/data to the computer is disabled.

This is what the physical cable looks like:


They have different models of the SONICable, including one with the Lighting Connector for the iPhone 5 and newer, one with a microUSB, and another with both connectors being USB.



The price is $27. While the price isn’t necessarily cheap, it seems reasonable for what it is. It could definitely save those that rely on their smartphone for business and are always on the go.

If interested, go checkout their page on here to purchase one! Ships March 2015.