A¬†Taiwanese media source is claiming that Apple plans to feature a new pressure sensor behind the new device’s screen. This would give the ability to let the iPhone know exactly how hard a user is pushing on the screen, and would open a new door full of features for app developers. This technology is believed to be the same as the Force Touch functionality found in the new Apple Watch that’s scheduled to be released in the next couple of months. (Note:The name 6S has not been confirmed; if history repeats itself like it normally does, then that will be the name of the new handset.)

The source also cited that Apple will add a dual lens camera to the new device, which would feature optical zoom.

It is also worth mentioning that Apple plans to take away the 16GB option on the new models altogether, with the 32Gb being the runner up.

Its that time of the year again, where all the rumors start falling from the sky, and I must admit I love every second of the speculation. It build’s demand for the new model and keeps us on our feet as we try and uncover what exactly it is that Apple has up their sleeve this time.


Source: GForGames